At Just 3D Print we currently service numerous industries including marine, startups, automotive, and medical devices to name a few. Learn more about what we do and what we've accomplished in these industries below.




As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand just how insanely difficult it is to get a venture off the ground, particularly a product/hardware-based one. Shoot us an email below and we would be happy to help your venture succeed by handling any design, prototyping, final manufacturer, or crowdfunding campaign preparation needed. Discounts are available on all services in exchange for alternative revenue provision (share of crowdfunding campaign, future royalty, etc.).



We have found that many boat dealerships and service centers are tired of trying to track down parts all over creation (particularly for those boats 10+ years old), paying way too much for the parts once they find them, and dealing with customers who balk at the bill of these activities. We have found that many times it is better to make a new, high-quality replacement part. Contact us today and we would be happy to provide a regular supply of these new parts.



While classic rides look amazing, any car guy will tell you that it can take a small fortune to restore them and maintain them. While some fellas insist on 100% original parts, many others are happy to save a buck where they can, or have a resto-mod anyway, so do not mind an after-market part or two. If you are an owner or dealer in the latter category, contact us below and we would be happy to help you out.

Medical Devices:


Developing a new medical device can be a very tricky endeavor; from sorting through hordes of regulations to the notoriously long medical sales cycle, getting any medical device into the hands of a physician is a daunting challenge. Furthermore, getting your hands on custom scientific instrumentation can be a long, costly endeavour. If you are early in the stages of either of these processes shoot us an email below and we may be able to make it just a little bit easier for you to succeed by handling any design, prototyping, or any other daunting challenges you may come across. We prototype and produce PDMS microfluidic devices with channel sizes down to 100 microns [0.0039 in] to fit investigative, clinical or industry needs.

3D Printing Advantages


3D Printing, and other new manufacturing technologies, are amazing instruments where the biggest limitation is one’s creativity. However, we have found some general guidelines for where the new tech is particularly helpful.


The more of these are true for any item you are trying to make, the more likely it is that we can make an affordable, high-quality version of it:


- The item has complex geometric faces (“unusually” shaped)

- The cost for the equipment to make the item is high

- The item is being produced in low quantities

- The item is no longer being made, rare, or obsolete

- It can take weeks or months to acquire the item

- The item is frequently “out of stock”

- Only one or a few producers make the item

- The item is destined for a “remote location”/hard to get to a customer

- Customs fees or tariffs for importing the item are high

- The item could be considered a luxury good

- The item is made of wood, plastic, or fiberglass

- The item is normally priced above $50


If one or more of these is true of an item you would like to have made, please shoot us an email below and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

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